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We are very lucky: the last part of our road back home passes through a real forest. And since it is just a real forest where sometimes whiz deer, squirrels or rabbits pass the road, I drive accordingly slow. This is why my son and I discovered by chance the wild strawberries roadside.

So I parked cautiously the car and we got out to taste a couple of wild strawberries, which my son loves above everything else.
But there were so many…. and black berries!

We collected a small bowl full of them. The berries which have not been eaten immediately by my son
were used to decorate a chocolate cake which I “invented” especially for the occasion.
And when I say chocolate, I mean chocolate: it was very, very much chocolate inside!

I promise to do better in the future and write down the recipes. Although I have a trial started writing down “free to muzzle” invented recipe – I’m afraid that my recipe for this time is still too imprecise. I will improve myself…

The family punced upon the cake and soon there was nothing left…

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Maria Weiss

Author Maria Weiss

I am singer specialized in early music, especially in the baroque repertoire. Since childhood I love fairy tales, taking photographs, baking cakes & being creative.

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