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New CD Release

A concept album

with musical sunrises, birdsong and

world premiere recordings of early & new music


Maria Weiss, mezzo-soprano
Wolfgang Mitterer, composition & electronics
Luca Pianca, lute
1607. ensemble for early & new music


5 world premiere recordings of early music
by Francesco Gasparini, Jean Philippe Rameau and others

2 world premiere recordings of new music by Wolfgang Mitterer

6 early music works
including Hildegard von Bingen, Johann Philipp Krieger, Antonio Vivaldi



Release, 01.06.2022

Every night, no matter how dark, is followed by a morning:


This joyful message of nature is the musical and visual theme of the concept album “early music bird”.

early music bird. early new music
After the multi-award-winning album favola in musica. early new music (including the Ö1 Pasticcio Prize), Maria Weiss and the 1607. ensemble with Luca Pianca(lute) and Wolfgang Mitterer (electronics, 2 commissioned works) take us into the enchanted world of a sunny morning on her second solo album. With 7 world premiere recordings of early and new music, recorded in a mountain church at 1059m altitude with special acoustics and a 192-page booklet, this album will be released on 01 June – in a deluxe edition as a hardcover in half-linen binding with gold embossing, thread stitching, headband and a woven ribbon bookmark in separate German and English editions. 

 The booklet,
designed like a fairy tale book,

contains musicological texts to all musical works, accompanied by a photographic journey through the south of Austria to enchanted places: old trees, castles and sunrises.

early music bird

A little bird as an early music bird leads lovingly illustrated through the graphically elaborately designed album.