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Maria Weiss, mezzo-soprano

Praised in the critics for her punchy and marvelous mezzo-soprano
Maria Weiss has established herself as an outstanding singer for early music.

Especially dedicated to baroque operas
she has contributed to the rediscovery of much neglected music.

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with Luca Pianca & Wolfgang Mitterer
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Maria Weiss

singer specialized in early music and actress for films
Early Music

i.a. Machaut, Schütz, Pergolesi, Dowland, Isaac, Durante, Monteverdi, Bach, Caldara, Carissimi, Scarlatti

Baroque & Classical Operas

i.a. Purcell, Monteverdi, Händel, Vivaldi, Gasparini, Durón, Gluck, Mozart

Contemporary Music

i.a. Mozart Camargo Guarneri, Nicolas Maw, Wolfgang, Rihm, Wolfgang Mitterer

World First Performances & Recordings

i.a. Caldara, Durón, Gasparini, Händel

The gifted singer-actress Maria Weiss was excellent as the power-hungry Gismonda; her performance increased in intensity over the course of the evening and her deeply moving claim seared itself unforgettably into the hearts of the audience.

Kritisches Journal für Alte MusikFranz Szabo

mezzo-soprano Maria Weiss scintillates in her fare-well aria with sewing machine exact coloraturas and great stage presence

Plattinger ZeitungDeutschland

Maria Weiss as the lovelorn Jupiter soars with heart-wrenching and dreamily beautiful vocals.

Die PresseWalter Weidringer

Maria Weiss impresses again with a boastful, masculine air, a vocal and dramatic work of art in herself.
Every gesture and expression is spot on, her voice is tremendous, and the continued suspense of her stage presence is breathtaking.

Kritisches Journal für Alte MusikFranz Szabo

Delightful vocals: Maria Weiss as Jupiter leads the way with a punchy mezzosoprano

OÖ Nachrichten

the Austrian Maria Weiss as Jupiter, a marvelous mezzosoprano with organ-like depths

Das Volksblatt

the noble mezzo-soprano Maria Weiss

Die Presse

Then the moment arrives for the acting talents (...), but especially for the sensual qualities in voice and acting of Maria Weiss (Gismonda).

Wiener Zeitung

.. nestle together in a Tango step, an erotic tension sizzles that can only be topped by the acting performance and voice of Maria Weiss as the sensual Gismonda.

Kleine Zeitung

Delightful vocals:

Maria Weiss  leads the way with a

punchy mezzo-soprano.

OÖ Nachrichten

Maria was raised in a traditional family and came into early contact with singing through local folk song. As a teenager she was already in love with early music, Bach, Monteverdi and Händel. At that age she was passionate about the Ö1 radio programme “Alte Musik. Neu Interpretiert” (“Old Music. Newly Interpreted”) and read Harnoncourt’s “Music as Speech”.
Those early milestones played a significant role in her life and career.
Today, Maria sings with prestigious musicians and orchestras such as Michi Gaigg, Domingo Hindoyan, Stefan Asbury, the L’Orfeo Baroque Orchestra, Klangforum Wien or the Bach Consort Wien.

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