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Jeannette Mokosch

By October 31, 2016December 15th, 2016No Comments

Writing with ink and feather has fascinated me as already a teenager. Today I still write with a real feather when writing a personal letter. I must admit this is far too rare.

As I sing early music I professionally often have to deal with old manuscripts. Whenever possible, I try to get the autographs of the works I sing or study or dig in the archives to find the manuscripts myself such as the music for the world premiere recordings for my debut solo album favola in musica. early new music.

Beautiful AND beautifully written words are, hélas, an almost forgotten thing.
Not so with Jeanette Mokosch.

I was fortunate enough to get a place in one of her booked up seminars, which happened to be in a dream location, the Villa Lotta by Lisa Jagenteufel in Carinthia.

Jeannette and Lisa could not better complement each other. Everything that Lisa Jagenteufel touches will be transformed into something special, radiant such as her Villa Lotta which is for sure one of the most beautiful places to stay and to shop in Klagenfurt.

A seminar for BEAUTIFUL WRITING: Modern Calligraphy.

Jeannette Mokosch is an artist of the words and that in the truest sense, a spirit of beauty.

Not only does calligraphy belong to her art, she also writes poems and texts, which bear witness to a depth, love and knowledge about life which are deeply touching to me.

Wedding cards and manuscripts.
Poetry, prints and design. Logodesign.

Whether it is poetry, hand engraving, prints, hand-made cards for celebrations (weddings, etc.) but also logo design , everything can be ordered from Jeannette. On her website there is information about it or in their Dawanda shop you can purchase also some prints or cards.

About a year and a half ago I discovered Jeannette Mokosch’s handwritten poetry. When Lisa Jagenteufel told me a few months ago that Jeannette also held workshops, the plan was fixed: I will visit such a workshop.

After a theoretical part about calligraphy, working materials from feather, pen holders, paper, writing pads to alternatives to the pen, we finally start with the writing.

The feathers dive into the ink and scratch over the paper. The room fills with silence and the white leaves get filled with dots, lines and letters.
One thing gets clear to us all: the light and swinging lines Jeannette creates on the paper are art.

It has to do with practicing, talent, personal expression and much more.

The muse and quietness of writing are doing well and are like a sort of meditation.

We are a mixed group of participants from a wide range of sectors: graphic arts, photography, wedding industry, technical drawing, music or lovers of the beautiful. In the breaks there is the opportunity to exchange, delicious snacks and too little time to shop marvel at Villa Lotta..

As it is the case with good things: the day passes far too soon.


Maria Weiss

Author Maria Weiss

I am singer specialized in early music, especially in the baroque repertoire. Since childhood I love fairy tales, taking photographs, baking cakes & being creative.

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